Friday, January 4, 2013

My Not so Winter, Winter

Today while I was picking out what clothes to wear to head Downtown to run some errands, I started thinking..... Even though I absolutely love living in the Sunshine State, sometimes I get a little jealous I don’t get to wear any of the winter clothes that for some odd reason I’ve bought so much of. For those of you that are not too familiar with the weather down here in Miami, It is extremely hot all year long, we get lucky if now and then there’s a small breeze. Therefore, I decided that even though it was hot out I still had the excuse that It is “winter season” for a little bit longer, and I put together a much
anticipated “winter outfit.”  

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Knit sweater, thrifted (similar here) Faux Leather pants, H&M(similar here) Aviator sun glasses, Rayban (similar here) Bag, vintage gift (similar on sale here) Boots, Guess by Marciano (similar here)


  1. Hey Doll,

    I came across a comment left in another bloggers which I tend to do when looking for new people to follow. You got a good thing going here.

    Xo, Cari
    New Follower

    1. Thank you so much! Love your blog as well.


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