Sunday, December 30, 2012

Simply White

First and foremost, I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! As for me, I am extremely excited to finally make my first post on here. After doing so much tweaking and fixing on my template, I can finally say I am ready to start writing and get this ball going, haha. Writing my first post feels incredibly surreal because believe it or not, the phrase “Start a blog,” has been on my bucket list for a couple years. Now I can finally scratch it off! 

Now to get to the point... I've decided to dedicate this first post to share the outfit I wore for my Christmas Eve festivities. This year, I decided I wanted to go for an all white outfit theme. Mainly because lately I've been obsessing over everything white. Also, white makes everything look so effortlessly beautiful, and that is every girls dream, to be effortlessly beautiful. So why not? My whole outfit was under $60, yet it looks a lot more expensive. That just goes to show you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look fabulous.  

 Top, boutique (similar here)Skirt, Guess by Marciano (similar here)Shoes, gift (similar here)Belt, boutique (similar here)

I am sorry this post was a little lengthy. I will try my best to keep the next ones short and to the point. Soon I will write a post on the most affordable clothing stores and online websites. I am still very new to this so please bare with me! 

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